Erotic Massage Tale: The Happy Customer

Erotic Massage Tale: The Happy Customer

I have had many massages in the past and being a massage lover I like to try a new kinds of massages every now and them. Luckily, I reached this erotic massage parlor in New York and I feel I should share with my fellow men here.

As soon as I entered the exotic massage room, I could smell the light jasmine fragrance that was infused to lift the overall mood of the clients. I expected a hot sexy masseuse to come and caressed me but what I found out was much better than that. The women here are a cut above. They are perfect masseuses, specialised in their own areas and above all, the beauty overshadowed anything else.

The masseuse that touched me was so hot that she stole my heart at the first glance only. Luckily, she was the most popular one of the lot and I was too happy about it. She had soft and subtle hands and she perfectly knew how to run her fingers and body around mine to take me to cloud 9.

I was facing some problems and my physician suggested me to go for an exotic massage. I did exactly that and to my surprise, things worked for me. The lady that I am talking about gave her best to please me. She worked on all of my body parts and relieved my pain. Later when I went to my doctor, he said the massage did wonders to my body.

Even after so many weeks, the impact of the massage is still there. I can still imagine how my masseuse worked on my body and how she rubbed her body against mine. I believe I just could not ask for more that time. This was the best erotic massage in New York I could have.

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