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Here, at Honest Massage, we provide you with a professional Nuru massage at an affordable price. Our masseuses are 100% true professionals – they’ll make sure your body releases the heaviness of your day-to-day life. Feel free to ask for our combo menu, try different styles of relaxation in one visit!

Nuru Massage & Erotic Massage in Manhattan

Welcome to erotic massage salon in New York! Our beautiful masseuses offer clients a variety of body programs for erotic massages in Manhattan.

Our erotic massage salon will sharpen your senses to the limit!

Skilled therapists with years of experience and exquisite service will help you feel an absolute delight with erotic massage.

The main advantage of our massage salon is that clients will feel an unforgettable satisfactory in the most romantic atmosphere.

Each cell of your body will respond with a sensual moan for both gentle and impudent erotic touches of experienced masters.

We offer professional erotic massage in New York, which will awaken all parts of your body, increase confidence in yourself and your physical strength. Like any other therapeutic technique, erotic massage has a positive effect on the skin, muscles and internal organs, it awakens the flow of vital energy, has a strong impact on our mental state, on the mental health of the person. Such sessions in New York allow you to relax and helps to direct it in the right direction.







Body rub

This body to body massage in Manhattan is one of the most beneficial procedure. During the session the specialist starts rubbing against the client. To make movements much softer, creams with a wonderful aroma are utilized. Since they don’t contain any unnatural ingredients, they will never cause any allergic reactions. So, you will get not only much more relaxed but also healthier after the procedure in the salon in New York City.

Body rub

Classic Tantric

Tantra massage is a sensual massage that implies a whole complex of manipulations:

  • A meditative basis, that is, the first place is taken by the spirit, and then the body;
  • The absolute unity of both a client and the specialist on the spiritual and physical level;
  • Tantra massage implies arousal.

Tantra massage in Manhattan normalizes metabolic processes in the body, accelerates the removal of toxins and toxins. Tonicity improves, energy potential increases, relations harmonize, emotional and physiological endurance increases. There is a general rejuvenation and recovery of the body. In addition, the excitement will grow, the potential will increase, and the complexes will outlive.

Classic Tantric

Happy Ending Massage

Such a wonderful session of erotic massage in Manhattan starts with some typical therapeutic movements. However, the atmosphere here is much more romantic, and you can tell that from the beginning. There’re some candles with a pleasant aroma in the room. Furthermore, the specialist turns on silent melodies to make you absolutely satisfied.

To make even more delighted, the specialist finishes the procedure with a happy ending technique. Such a therapy in NYC is also known as a hand job, and it’s aimed to stimulate your erogenous zones and to help you feel even better not only physically but also emotionally.

Happy Ending Massage

Erotic massage

To excite a man with an erotic massage, a young beauty from Manhattan uses all her charm and experience. The process involves:

  • Gentle rubbing and spot massage to help disperse blood through the body, warm the skin, activate internal energy.
  • Seductive touches with breasts, fingers, hair in all erogenous zones.
  • Actual excitement is to increase the intensity of movement. The professional will increasingly return to responsive areas, giving them all the tenderness.
  • To bring to the peak of pleasure, the beauty uses pens or chest. Neutral oil is mandatory, so all the movements will be incredibly gentle and sliding.
Erotic massage

Nuru massage

Nuru massage has its origins in Japan, in the city of Kawasaki. This type of therapy differs from other subspecies of massage by one obligatory condition is the use of a special Nuru gel. It is a slippery and viscous substance without color based on Nori extract.

The participants of this erotic massage should be exposed, after which the specialist uses a viscous gel to soak both bodies. The skin becomes very slippery and smooth, allowing the girl to slide effortlessly all over the body.

The main action of Nuru massage in Manhattan:

  • It gives deep relaxation;
  • It provides you a sense of the subtle shades of excitement;
  • The pleasure of close proximity;
  • Velvety skin after the session.
Nuru massage

Sensual Massage

Such a procedure in New York City is also great for both relaxation the stimulation of muscles. A sensual massage starts with more traditional movements. Nonetheless, such a therapy is more intimate, and the movements themselves are softer, and it can be helpful for you, even if you have never been to the therapist in NYC. Moreover, the atmosphere here is more intimate, and it helps you feel more relaxed during the session.

Would you like to get relaxed and start feeling even more energized? Then you should try to get more a procedure with our experienced therapists! Even after the first procedure, you will feel the difference.

Sensual Massage